Bass Patrol Review of Jack Hooks

December 6, 2012

Jack Hooks Review

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  • By Bass Patrol Fishing Pro Staff - December 5, 2012

    Let me start by saying we at Bass patrol fishing are in no way associated with Jack Hooks pro staff neither nor do we get free or discounted products. We were just given the opportunity to try them out and I wanted to write the review for Bass Patrol Fishing Fans. We will not endorse products we do not believe in and this is one product we truly will use for years to come. Bass patrol fishing has been testing Jack Hooks against a few other competitors who sell knotless hooks for quit sometime now. Bass patrol fishing has been using the RBO (round bend offset) and the EWG (extra wide gap) jack hooks since we met the sales rep at Douglas Lake, TN after weight in at the Bassmaster open series a little over a year ago.

    We have fished intense professional tournaments to recreational fishing across the United States and now feel we can write an accurate review on this product. At first we were skeptical of the style of the hook itself as any professional angler would be, being afraid of the line breaking or coming lose on hard hook sets because of design. We first refused to us Jack Hooks for flipping knowing good and well that the hook sets when you're flipping pads, mats, heavy cover or bed fishing are intense. We have tested them in this way because it is the hardest and most extreme way we as anglers set the hook on big Bass. Pulling a 10 lbs hawg out of cover or off a bed is a feat in itself. Imperfections in your knot on any hook could result in losing that kicker worth $10,000 in any major tournament.

    I have over the years have lost several fish due to knots giving out or coming undone. If anyone tells you otherwise they must be the best knot tier in the world. We can say Jack Hooks has shown us a new perspective in dependability, strength and confidence by the remarkable changes and design they have brought to the tournament fishing industry with their hooks. We have caught several nice fish from bass, redfish, jacks and even sharks with Jack Hooks. To attach the line itself to the hooks takes just seconds and holds like no other. It is so simple and easy any child or physically challenged individual or wounded worriers's can easily use them, it is the most versatile hook we have used at our youth cat fishing derbies and fishing events.

    We can't say we have not lost a fish, but we can say we have not lost a hook in heavy cover or open water with Jack hooks due to line coming lose or unwrapping, unless of course you get hung up on a tree or rip rap then the line breaks before the hook will come loose.

    Give jack hooks a try you will be shocked at the technology they have developed with their knotless system. We would like to see them make knotless attachment for split rings for quick change crank baits.

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