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Corey Vose Home: Augusta, Maine Years Fishing: 16 Favorite Techniques/Lures: Flipping and Jigging Plastics, Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits. Biggest Bass: 6.2 lbs

About Me: I have been fishing for over 16 years, and competitively for the last 4. I am the vice president of our local bass fishing club, Capital Area Bassmasters. I also fish the BASS state trail, The Maine Bass Challenge, and organize charity tournaments. In 2012, I finished the season #17 out of over 80 anglers. A major accomplishment for me was getting Lunker twice fishing the same body this past season. I am fortunate to have a loving wife and kids who not only support my fishing, but encourage my passion for it. I love the sport, and try to encourage new anglers and teach new techniques whenever I can.

Pro Staff Tip: One of my favorite techniques is texas rigging a New Wave Cyclone Craw on a 4/0 EWG Jack Hook. Make a long cast to the outer edges of cover and let the bait slowly sink to the bottom. The weight of the hook is perfect to give a slow fall. Once your bait has settled, twitch it 3-4 times and wait, repeat every so often. As your bait twitches on the bottom, the arms of the cyclone craw kicks up debris, creating a realistic crawfish effect. Any bass will find this hard to ignore!

Sponsors: Jack Hooks, BIONIC Custom Baits, Basskwondo Custom Jigs and New Wave Premium Plastics, JD Rods, Bass Craft Crankbaits, Fish Guardian, Dragonflyz, BassBoatSeats.com, Ono's Eyewear, JJ's Magic and Farm Family Insurance.

Follow me on the tournament trail at www.coreyvosefishing.com

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