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+Rob Crane +Age: 27 +Hometown: Caseyville IL +Years Bass Fishing: 18 +Affiliations: B.A.S.S., Illinois Bass Anglers Association (I.B.A.A.), Jack Hooks. +Biggest Bass: 8.2 pounds +Favorite Fishing Technique: Run 'n' Gun to locate fish holding areas then slow it down with some Jack Hooks Texas rigging action!!

About Me, I've been fishing since I was just a fry, when other kids were watching cartoons on Saturday morning I was glued to the TV watching Bill Dance, Hank Parker, and the Bassmasters. I'm not your average serious all the time bass fisherman, im more of the Mike Iconelli/ Gerald Swindle type. Life is too short to not enjoy it! I fished my first competitive bass tournaments on the Kaskaskia River in Illinois at the ripe age of 14. I plan on fishing every tournament I possibly can In 2013 and expanding my horizons. My goal is to hopefully be alongside fellow Jack Hooks pro Keith Poche in the elite series in the near future. Remember if you are still tying knots, YOU DONT KNOW JACK!!

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