Jack Hooks are made in the USA

Jack Hooks® has created a line of Bass hooks that rival the best in the world. Sharper, Lighter, and Faster than any Bent Wire Eyelet Hook ever made !! And by the way ... they are knotless!

The Next Generation Terminal Tackle (Hooks) !!

Jack Hooks entered it's first Pro/Co-Angler Bassmaster tournament in June 2011 where we met up with Keith Poche and introduced him to Jack Hooks.

After reviewing sample hooks for 3 months with rave reviews, Keith Poche was signed in Jan 2012 and won 3rd place in the 2012 Bassmaster Classic a month later. Jack was at the EXPO and had Enormous crowds at our booth all three days, and over 20 newspaper and internet articles about the new hook on the block.

Jack Hooks acquired patent pending status for USA and Canada, covering 60 million anglers. The radical new approach and manufacturing process creates a superior Hook in every aspect. Bent wire has met its match with laser cut variable profiles cut from stainless sheet stock. Then hand finished and sharpened to the slimmest, sharpest, durable point ever put on a hook.

The rest of your fishing gear is digital, it is time your hooks follow suit. Jack Hooks changes the game of fishing, by making the fastest, sharpest, strongest fishing hooks ever made. Ties in 5 seconds or less, and won't slip. The same simple wrap, every hook, every line. The simplest knotless wrap possible!

If you are still tying knots, you don’t know Jack!®

Jack Hooks is dedicated to our local community! Jack Hooks has Patents Pending in the USA and Canada and therefore control over manufacturing for these Countries. Having this advantage Jack Hooks will make every hook 100% MADE IN USA !! We are dedicated to creating local jobs in my hometown of Canton, Ohio.

Jack Hooks is developing a relationship with the local workshops to have several steps of the manufacturing completed by the local disabled workshops bringing much needed work to a community in need of manufacturing jobs. Our community has lost our wealth of manufacturing and the jobs that go with it. Jack Hooks is committed to keep the jobs in America!

Jack Hooks is about helping the children, impaired, disabled, and aged keep fishing! With Jack Hooks wrap being so simple, many, many more people who cannot fish now due to impaired ability can Go Fishing !! Jack Hooks has already sponsored children's events and helped with disabled veteran tournaments, with plans to grow in that respect.

By manufacturing consumer products that will be sold worldwide, Jack Hooks is an ideal engine to revitalize my local community. By bringing jobs, outside revenue from sales, and community involvement, Jack Hooks looks to redefine American Industry and Keep It Here in the USA!

This is what our country was built upon, innovation and good old American determination. As Jack Hooks grow, we intend to foster new businesses and expand our influence with inspiring innovation! Jack Hooks has just begun!